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What exactly is Austerity? Answer, it’s just a Huge, Provable Lie!

– Justin Walker





HBOS Banking Crimes

For those who might benefit from unequivocal evidence that Halifax and Bank of Scotland did not have any money to lend when they purportedly loaned you a sum of monies during the noughties, please absorb and comprehend the implications of the gap between loans and deposits, which was discovered by the parliamentary commission on banking standards when they were investigating the cause of the infamous banking collapse:

“There is a shocking story that has still not been properly told. It concerns how the Halifax, a staid former building society, and safe-as-houses Scottish institution Bank of Scotland could embark on a £30bn merger and collapse just seven years later – with all of that value completely wiped out – into the arms of Lloyds, with a £20bn injection from the taxpayer to prevent it crashing.








Steve White, Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales: – A difficult year for policing. A difficult year for our officers. And my God; a difficult year for the public we serve.



Bring it to your living room

AV6 – 12 DVD Box Set

Advance Orders – Delivery will be before 21st June 2015



Disk 1:  Brian Gerrish

Disk 2:  Pippa King

Disk 3:  David Noakes

Disk 4 :  Samantha Bachman

Disk 5 :  Patrick Henningsen

Disk 6 :  Zen Gardner




Disk 1:  Simon Welsh

Disk 2 : Olga Raffa

Disk 3 :  Dr Graham Downing

Disk 4 : Thomas Sheridan

Disk 5 : Max Igan

Disk 6 : Ken O’Keefe & Ian R Crane





HOW THE SCAM WORKED – UK Election 2015


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The British electorate is currently wading in a sea of unbelievable ignorance, deliberate lies and organised corporate crime – it’s time for so-called ‘informed’ people to wake up to the provable truth
….and to act upon it!

A planned deception of unbelievable proportions is dominating and affecting the entire General Election campaign with the electorate and mainstream media almost completely oblivious to it. It is a deception which once exposed will change Britain completely for the better! It is a deception by the political and financial elite that is holding back our country from having a truly happy and prosperous future. And best of all, the evidence that exposes this deliberate deception is all based on actual historical precedent!

Over the past few weeks we have seen ALL of the political parties, without exception, play the expected and meaningless game of promising extra billions for the NHS, our armed forces, education, housing and the rest whilst claiming they will also effectively tackle and reduce the rising Deficit and National Debt. It is all a ridiculous charade played out to deliberately deceive and confuse the electorate. And it is all based quite simply on a complete and utter lie.

So what is this lie? Well, politicians, mainstream economists and City of London bankers and financiers will all tell you that a sovereign nation, such as Great Britain, when its taxation receipts cannot meet its expenditure commitments, has to borrow the difference from the private banking and financial sector. For hundreds of years this has been the case and it has gone almost completely unchallenged by the ignorant and trusting electorate.

The banking and merchant elite, who set up the Bank of England in 1694 and who went on to extend and consolidate the power and influence of the City of London, perfected the quite brilliant financial scam of ‘fractional reserve banking’ which ‘allows’ the banks and financial institutions to fraudulently create money completely out of thin air as debt. The leading banking dynasties, with their complicit and ‘paid for’ politicians, have globally used this financial mechanism to put nations, communities and families into unsustainable levels of unlawful debt. And with severe debt, of course, comes ruthless, top-down Orwellian corporate control.

Unfortunately for the global banking elite and their political acolytes, the truth about their scam has been exposed by whistle-blowers and insiders, including a former Director of the Bank of England. This is the simple truth that the City of London doesn’t want widely known – there is no financial crisis! Any sovereign nation’s government in the world has the ABSOLUTE right to issue and control its own debt-free and interest-free money through its treasury (based on the wealth and potential of that nation) in order to provide the liquidity needed for a prosperous and vibrant economy that meets the needs, security and happiness of that nation. Intelligent and targeted taxation is then used by a government to take excessive money out of the economy thus avoiding any possible problems with inflation. It’s not rocket science – it’s all ridiculously simple and it has been done before with great success!

So this is the ‘big secret’ the City of London do not want people to know! And in Britain we have the perfect historical precedent to prove this – the 1914 Treasury-issued, debt-free and interest-free Bradbury Pound! ( http://www.britishconstitutiongroup.com/campaign/bring-back-the-bradbury)

We have just over a week for this huge revelation to get out to the electorate – come on people let’s get the truth out and collapse the City of London and end this appallingly unlawful debt stranglehold over all of our lives.

Justin Walker 26th April 2015



Redistribution of Power – The Fat Controllers feat. David Cameron 



Updated with video – CABBAGE PATCH CRETIN David Cameron: “Supporting families, securing a better future” – ShareTheFacts??? Conservatives


Zero Hedge nails it – Ray B.

[“Debt Truth Committee” – massive, untenable debt loads across the government, financial and household sectors]


Max Igan Unplugged and On Fire! 





An open letter of immense importance to

Justin Welby, The Archbishop of Canterbury

The Bankers’ Masquerade:  

How Christianity has been duped by the world of

international finance and banking.



People are signing up to a treaty without knowing what’s in it.



shot0072friends of Italy? friends of Greece? friends of Iceland?

shot0073even the Guardian’s government funded journalists are waking up to this creeping ‘Communism/Fascism ?’


Downhill to the British Dictatorship unless we withdraw our consent – Brian Gerrish 




 The UK Column’s Spring Conference, held jointly with the British Constitution Group, is all about the General Election. 


The EU: A Corporatist Racket

How the European Union was created by global corporatism for global corporatism.







The basis of what is going on in the Civil/Commercial Courts is UNLAWFUL and ILLEGAL. It is about time this can of worms was opened up for thorough examination, and the Courts, and all their consorts, were brought to task by the People and the LAW.  


 Where will it all end?


French president says on national TV that the Illuminati is attacking Paris



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