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10 Biggest Mistakes of the 20th Century

Coat of arms of the Rothschild family. Françai...Coat of arms of the Rothschild family. Français : Armoiries de la famille Rothschild. Italiano: Stemma della famiglia Rothschild. ???: ????????????????????? Polski: Herb rodu Rothschildów. ???????: ???? ??????? ??????????. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. 1919?s Treaty of Versailles

2. Hitler invades Austria, Hungry and Poland. Allies pussy out. People die by the thousands.

3. 1913?s Federal Reserve Act, handing over power of America‘s monetary policy to private banks. He who controls the money supply controls the nation.

4. The signing over of Canada’s money supply to Giesecke & Devrient, a private banking institution. For more info on Canada‘s banking fiasco, hit http://provemewrong.wix.com/provemewrong#!__page-11. Always good to know my country is working with bankers who brought down countries’ economies, most notably printing money for the Weimar Republic. Go us!

5. The printing of money by G&D and the Fed which have brought Canada and America’s currencies to their knees. Here’s a fun fact. If minimum wage in 1926 was adjusted for inflation, it would be over $25 an hour today. Take that, Stephen Harper and Barack Obama!

6. The American people not asking questions after JFK was assassinated (in the process of producing money backed by silver, hmmm) and Richard Nixon resigned. After Nixon, America’s currency would all be “Federal Reserve Notes.” Prior to this, the US treasury still printed “US notes” backed by a hard asset.

7. The collapse of small English car companies. Idiots.

8. Allowing Russia to reach Berlin first in 1945, effectively starting the Cold War.

9. 2004?s US Election, regardless of the result. The Democratic Party had a chance to free itself from the banking cartels, but they picked another Skull and Bones alumnus.

10. 2012?s US Election and the destruction of the Ron Paul campaign by banker-backed Mitt Romney, who ultimately lost to banker-backed Barack Obama.

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