On The Cusp Of The Apocalypse – London 9th December – Brian Gerrish; Patrick Henningsen; Ken O’Keefe; Ben Fellows; & Ian R Crane

On The Cusp Of The Apocalypse

Event Dates: December 9, 2012 – 11:00am8:00pm


Grand Connaught Rooms
Great Queen Street



Confirmed Speakers:

Brian Gerrish; Patrick Henningsen; Ken O’Keefe;

Ben Fellows; & Ian R Crane

The word ‘Apocalypse’ is often wrongly associated with some kind of planetary Armageddon; yet this is simply just another example of the deceit that has been perpetrated upon Humanity by the perverse Cabal who perceive themselves to be the ‘Rightful rulers of a planetary fiefdom’!
In fact, the term ‘Apocalypse’ means ‘Lifting of the Veil’. Many ancient and contemporary indigenous cultures embrace folklore and mythology which refers to this period in time as one of ‘Great Revealing’.
If we take a look at everything that is unfolding before us, the phrase ‘Great Revealing’ is remarkable pertinent. Now in the sixth year of a manipulated global financial collapse, an increasing number of people comprehend the magnitude of the fraud perpetrated by the Global Corporatists.
Governments and politicians are revealing allegiance to their Global Corporatist paymasters; destroying the charade of any pretence to represent the electorate. Revelations abound of institutional paedophilia and even necrophilia amongst the establishment and those who ‘Fixed it’ for them. I can’t help but suspect that a certain children’s TV programme was an establishment insiders joke at the public’s expense!
It has to be acknowledged that much of this ‘Unveiling’ has been due to the commitment and persistence amongst the rapidly expanding ‘Alternative Research Community’. The recent exposure of Julia Middleton’s insidious ‘post democracy’ charity known ‘Common Purpose‘, in the Daily Mail, The Sunday Times and The Sun, vindicates the last decade of Brian Gerrish’s efforts. Those who have the outrageous audacity to question this man’s integrity should hang their pathetic heads in shame.
David Icke was certainly at the forefront in revealing the prevalence for paedophilia within the BBC, the Houses of Parliament and the aristocracy. Despite the ridicule that he has had to endure, he has never wavered in his assertions and he has also now been vindicated by the revelations of the past few weeks.
Ben Fellows and Patrick Henningsen are relative newcomers to the Alternative Community; with Ben taking centre stage in his revelation of the massive G4S inadequacies in the weeks preceding the London Olympics. The magnitude of the corporate failure being raised in Parliament ten days after Ben’s story first broke in an interview with Tony Gosling on Bristol Community Radio! More recently Ben revealed his own experiences at the ‘hands’ of Alan Clark. Clarke of course screams ‘Mistaken Identity’ … revealing his allegiance to the same scriptwriter as Lord Clam PInE; who thirteen years ago proudly authored a book titled, ‘How to be a Really Nasty Piece of Shit … or words to that effect!’
Since leaving Infowars, Patrick Henningsen has gone from strength to strength. Now regularly invited to offer his analysis of the unfolding geopolitical agenda on Russia Today, he is also the founder of 21st Century Newswire. Since being launched just a few weeks ago, 21st Century Newswire has provided obvious feed for a number of articles in the UK National press.
Ken O’Keefe may not be a household name but he is certainly well known amongst the besieged population of Gaza. Ken was one of the activists aboard the Gaza bound aid ship Mavi Marmara, along with David Halpin and Cynthia McKinney, when it was attacked by Israeli commandos who murdered nine of their fellow passengers. A few weeks ago, Ken posted some footage on YouTube during his visit into Gaza with Max Igan. More recently Ken has been engaging Zionist apologists on Russia Today and Press TV as he offers the counter the religeo-political extremists who clamour to establish Theodor Herzl’s vision of Greater Israel.
‘On the Cusp of the Apocalypse’ brings these beacons of independent thought and tireless campaigning together for this unique event … just twelve days before the whole apocalyptic process moves into the next gear.
The Cambrian Suite at within the Connaught Rooms is as close as you can possibly get to the Grand Lodge of British Freemasonry, without actually going through the front doors. The is the third event I have hosted in this venue as a means to bring an appropriate counter balance to the minions who facilitate the oppression of the masses on behalf of those who (wrongly) believe themselves have a divine mandate to wield dominion over Humanity.
This event is intended to bring to together those who have the resources and the commitment to continue the apocalyptic process, by actively ripping away even more of the veil concealing the perverse parallel society.
This is the moment we have all been working towards; it’s up to each and every one of us to maintain the momentum.
Our Time has come … and that Time is NOW!
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