According to this contract, the Vatican owns all of England and all of the British Commonwealth countries.

In 1213, King John was excommunicated and that frightened him so much that he signed a contract with the Pope. The contract is known as the “Treaty of Verona” and it undertook to introduce Rome’s canon law to England, which made Archbishop Stephan Langton, the effective ruler of all of the country. The contract was supposed to give the Pope ownership of all of the lands, people, animals, etc. of all of King John’s kingdom. According to this contract, the Vatican owns all of England and all of the British Commonwealth countries.

This is, of course, a rubbish document. Firstly, King John did not genuinely own any land of any description and never could have. Secondly, King John did not and never could have owned any of the people living on that land. Thirdly, a contract cannot be signed on behalf of a third party, so his signature could never, ever have any genuine effect on the people of the land. If that were not the case, then I could sign a contract on your behalf, guaranteeing that you would pay me a million pounds. It couldn’t happen and if it did, it would be meaningless. The Treaty of Verona contract only applies to the signing parties, to have any effect on the people of the land would require them to be fully informed of the consequences and give their consent to the contract, and that never happened.

In an attempt to be cunning, the treaty was worded so as to make it appear to apply to the direct descendents of both the English monarch and the direct descendents of the Pope, namely, his successors. Personally, that seems highly doubtful to me as that would make it, in effect, a contract between people who have not agreed to it or signed it, and it is by no means obvious how a contract could be binding on people who are not party to it and who have not signed it.

However, just two years later in 1215 the landowners forced King John to sign a contract called the “Magna Carta”. It is highly doubtful that a contract where one of the parties is intimidated into signing, has any actual validity, but that aside, the contract was made under the conditions prevailing at that time. The landowners, called “Barons” or “Free men” in the document, were insisting on a continuing agreement between them and the monarch. The contract has nothing to do with the serfs who were considered “things” with no rights at all. Today, members of the general public, who are actually the descendents of those serfs, read the Magna Carta and not understanding the situation when it was written, mistakenly think that it speaks of them. It doesn’t. The objective was actually an attempt to strengthen the Treaty of Verona.

This power-play continued in 1600 when a private company was set up. It is still in place today and it is called “The Ministry of Justice” D-U-N-S Number 22-549-8526, Directors: Lord Falconer of Thoroton. Today, all Magistrate Courts are private for-profit companies subsidiaries of this main commercial company and not, as most believe, part of the government of the UK.

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