British taxpayers to pay ‘millions’ towards secretive Bilderberg meeting security – TELEGRAPH

British taxpayers to pay ‘millions’ towards secretive Bilderberg meeting security

Taxpayers are likely to have to pay millions towards the cost of policing the secretive Bilderberg meeting of the global elite due to gather in Hertfordshire next week.

London 2012: British Olympians' favourite hotels

The Grove Hotel in Watford. The town is an unglamorous location for this year’s Bilderberg meeting. Photo: The Grove

By Rowena Mason, Political correspondent

3:31PM BST 30 May 2013

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The clandestine meeting of royalty, prime ministers and business chiefs is taking place in Britain for the first time since 1998, sparking fears of “violence and disturbance” by protesters.

The Bilderberg organisers, who include Tory Cabinet minister Ken Clarke, do not release a guest list but a roll-call of luminaries are expected to descend on a luxury Watford hotel from June 6, forcing police to step up security.

Hertfordshire police have refused to release the cost of security for the event, which has previously drawn anti-capitalist demonstrators in other locations around the world.

However, they are in talks with the Home Office about a grant for “unexpected or exceptional costs” that is only given out if it threatens the stability of the force’s policing budget. The final bill would have to total more than one per cent of the police force’s overall spend – or about £1.8 million – for the grant to be successful.

The invitation-only Bilderberg meetings are attended by around 140 members of the international elite.

Previous guests are thought to have included Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Prince Charles, Peter Mandelson, David Cameron and Queen Beatrix of Holland but the list of attendees is different every year.

The cloak of secrecy surrounding the meetings, which ban journalists from attending, has fuelled conspiracy theories that so-called Bilderbergers are planning global domination and world unification.

However, the event is most often likened to a political version of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, which draws members of high society to discuss business and the economy.

Its steering commitee includes Mr Clarke, Cabinet minister without portfolio, Thomas Enders, chief executive of defence company EADS, and Peter Sutherland, the chairman of Goldman Sachs.

Some activists have decided to hold a Bilderberg Fringe Festival – described by its organisers as a peaceful weekend of speakers, comedy, music, workshops, arts and entertainment nearby. However, Dorothy Thornhill, the mayor of Watford, has raised fears that the summit could also bring “violence.”

She told the Watford Observer: “I have my concerns about it because it does attract people who can and do cause violence and disturbance.

“But I am confident the police will be able to minimise that and give them their right to protest.

“I am ambivalent about whether this is a good thing. It’s potentially a positive thing as long as things don’t kick off.

Hertfordshire Police said the Bilderberg Group has agreed to contribute some of the cost of security, but taxpayers will have to cover the rest of the bill.

The force said it could not yet estimate the cost to the taxpayer of policing the event or whether it will need to draw on reinforcements from nearby forces.

“The organisers of the event are paying for a private security firm who will be providing security at the venue,” the spokesman said.

“In addition, the organisers have agreed to contribute towards policing costs relating to the event.

“As we do not disclose the costs of operations prior to their event, we will not disclose the amounts at this stage.”

The last time the Bilderberg Group met in Britain was in Turnberry in Scotland in 1998. This year’s event will be at the Grove Hotel in Watford, which has been booked out for the duration of the conference from 6th to 9th June.

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  • It is time to confront these evil scum. Be there if you
    can to make them know that we know what they are doing to the free world.



    First Bilderberg 2013 Participants & Agenda…


    Swedish Head Of Social Democrats First Admitted
    Bilderberg 2013 Participant…


    Jurriaan Maessen –
    ExplosiveReports.Com – May 5, 2013


    Press-secretary of
    newly appointed head of the Swedish social- democratic party admitted to a
    UK-based Bilderberg in early June, announcing that the newly elected leader of
    the Swedish social- democratic party, Stefan Löfven, will be the guest of Jacob

    Wallenberg- a prominent member of the Bilderberg steering


    Not only has the
    press secretary in question revealed the first official Bilderberg participant
    of 2013, he also reaffirmed for us that the meeting will take place in early
    June- confirming that which we in the alternative media have already uncovered,
    most notably thanks to the late, great Jim Tucker.


    Apparently a
    source of the newspaper first stated that the newly elected leader of the Swedish
    social-democratic party will be present at Bilderberg at the invite of Swedish
    philanthropist Jacob Wallenberg. The article in Swedish national journal SvD



    Löfven is invited and plans to attend this year’s Bilderberg meeting in June.
    This has been gathered from informed sources, indicated to SvD Business and has
    now been confirmed.”


    The confirmation
    of the paper’s inside information came from one of Löfven’s press-secretaries,
    Erik Nises, who told SvD:


    “Yes, that’s
    right. Stefan is invited to the Bilderberg meeting. He will be there, invited
    as a guest of Jacob Wallenberg.”


    Wallenberg, who is
    one of 35 members of Bilderberg’s steering committee, has invited politicians
    (from all walks of conviction) and businessmen from his home country before, so
    the SvD reports. Let’s throw a brief glance at the agenda’s some of the other
    members of the committee. The common denominator of their respective agenda’s
    is a striking gap between June 6 and June 10 2013, in which timeframe not a
    singel commitee member seems to have other engagements.


    Steering committee
    member Balsemão Francisco Pinto (President of the European Publishers Council)
    will prelude his visit to Bilderberg by attending a digital
    “festival” from may 29 to June 2. That other member of Bilderberg’s
    steering commitee, Mr. Marcus Agius (former head of Barclays), will presumably
    be in the area, perhaps combining his responsibilities for the steering group
    with his activities as trustee for London’s royal botanic gardens. It is a
    shame, by the way, that his dedication to openness and honesty, described as
    some of his most distinctive characteristic in his capacity of tree- and plant-
    lover, doesn’t quite reflect his behavior when it comes to co-steering the
    world’s most secretive of meetings. On June 11 2013 Agius is set to interview a
    new appointment in London, which makes it certain that this prominent member of
    Bilderberg’s steering committee will be in the area in the days before.


    Another member of
    Bilderberg steering committee, Mr. Franco Barnabé, will be flying in from
    Washington on June 6, where he will be present at a conference from 09.00 to
    10.00 a.m. US Time.- just in time perhaps to join a cab to Bilderberg with yet
    another steering group member, media mogul Juan Luis Cebrian, who is scheduled
    to speak on June 19 at the Global Editors Network (GEN) News Summit in Paris,
    joining the likes of Hu Shuli of Caixin Media and Jim Roberts of Reuters


    As former head of
    Deutsche Bank and loyal member of Bilderberg’s steering committee, Jozef
    Ackermann’s duty’s will take him to London on May 20, speaking at the 2013
    Global Leadership Summit at the London Business School. This will also allow
    Mr. Ackerman to tend to his responsibilities as non-executive director of Dutch
    Royal Shell on Thursday May 23, 2013 in London, joining his fellow-Bilderberg
    buddies Peter Voser and Gerard Kleisterlee at Shell’s annual general meeting.

    Shell’s number one guy, Mr. Jorma Ollila- quite a
    prominent member of the steering committee- will fly himself to Sweden after
    Bilderberg, where he will deliver the opening keynote speech at Stockholm’s
    Digital Horizon’s venue on June 12. Former head of the European Central Bank
    Trichet will follow up his Bilderberg activities in London speaking at the
    International Economic Forum Of the Americas on June 12 in Montreal, where he
    is one of the featured speakers. Another steering committee member, the Greek
    Loukas Tsoukalis, will be attending a seminar organized by the Friends of
    Europe in Athens on June 13, perhaps to enjoy euro-friendly afterglow to his
    Bilderberg experience a couple of days before.


    Now it just so
    happens that shortly after the last limo has fled the Grove premises, the 39th
    G8 summit will be held in Northern Ireland.

    Here “our global leaders” will cozily align
    themselves with the conclusions arrived at in the latest Bilderberg meeting.


    Spanish Minister of Economy Confirmed For Bilderberg 2013…



    Second confirmed
    Bilderberg participant made public
    Jurriaan Maessen May 15, 2013


    Another elected
    official is confirmed for Bilderberg 2013, this time the spanish Minister of
    Economy and Competitiveness and former Lehman Brothers advisor, Luis de
    Guindos. The minister will be attending at the request of Bilderberg’s Spanish
    steering committee member Juan Luis Cebrián.


    Spanish Minister
    of Economy and Competitiveness and former Lehman Brothers adviser, Luis de

    Only last week I
    confirmed the newly elected leader of the Swedish social-democratic party,
    Stefan Löfven, has received an invite to the exclusive meeting planned for
    Hertfordshire in the beginning of June.

    De Guindos will be the second confirmed elected official
    participating in the event. These announced participants will be followed up by
    many more elected officials asked to join the secretive club at the Grove
    Hotel, at taxpayer’s expense of course, even if Bilderberg itself describes the
    annual meetings as “private”.


    The attendance of
    De Guindos at this year’s confab is interesting in the fact that Spain is one
    of the first nations that found themselves on the wrong end of the financial
    stick after the crisis hit home in

    Europe- as was possibly arranged at last year’s meeting.
    As Daniel Estulin reported on in 2012:


    “The key
    message from the (2012) meeting: come hell or high water, it is imperative to
    preserve the functioning of the banking system. Spain ´s Vice President
    received a dose of humility when she tried to push the issue of
    “responsibility” telling her high powered German Bilderberg
    colleagues that they should issue Eurobonds to save the system. The reply was
    more than telling: “go pound sand, little girl.””


    It’s important to
    make clear that the current Spanish Minister of Economy and Competitiveness was
    an adviser to Lehman Brothers up to 2007, making him partially responsible for
    the mess that Spain is finding itself caught up in a few years after.


    It’s significant
    that a member of Bilderberg’s steering committee (Juan Luis Cebrián) is
    inviting De Guindos to the table this year. It reveals that Bilderberg wants to
    make sure their pro-Euro policies will be properly communicated to Spanish
    officials, who can then sell it to the nation as a painful but necessary thing.
    Just like their Greek counterparts, Spain’s elected officials are summoned to
    Bilderberg to streamline the global objectives by a group of international
    bankers with the preferred policy measures they would like to see implemented.
    One could say that these elected officials are committing a treasonous act, as
    they cannot disclose what has been decided. Being a former Lehman Brothers
    adviser, the Spanish minister probably won’t need too much encouragement to
    execute these objectives.


    To illustrate the
    involvement of the Spanish power structure in the annual Bilderberg meetings,
    just check out the royal family’s Wikipedia page, noting that all of the
    prominent members of the family are members of Bilderberg. Queen Sofia attends
    Bilderberg on a very regular basis, as does her husband King Juan Carlos. Now
    elected officials get to go behind the backs of the Spanish people as they
    swear alliance to an unelected and unaccountable body.…




  • C. Adkins

    8 minutes ago

    how come I never get invited to these things?

  • Probably because you’re only a millionaire ?

  • So what’s for luncheon, and what will the ladies be wearing ?…………………We have a right to know.


    20 minutes ago

    Hi everybody!
    If you want to know something more on Bilderberg, take a look to this report: http://buenobuonogood.wordpres…

    and here: http://buenobuonogood.wordpres…

    with the participants list.

    Bilderberg 2013 will take place on 6 to 9 June at Hotel Grove(Chandler’s Cross, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD3 4TG)


  • Type your comment here.

    stop telling me what to do, your giving me a complex are you a bilderbuggerer

  • KnaveOfHerts

    35 minutes ago

    Intu Watford you mean. The Harlequin has been dissolved into the coffers of the Town Hall, don’t you know.

    Yep – I know it’s sad!

  • Politics has really descended into the gutter.  Our country is run by children, for children.  The biggest child of all is Cameron.  However, this type of jaunt is just what  Blair, Brown, Clegg, Milliband, Cameron et al. love.  These cretins think all the secrecy etc makes them big men.  It doesn’t it makes them appear as children who want to play in an adults world.  They are pathetic.

  • Landphil

    45 minutes ago

    Convenient for the Harlequin.

  • “Dorothy Thornhill, the mayor of Watford, has raised fears that the summit could also bring “violence.”

    She told the Watford Observer: “I have my concerns about it because it does attract people who can and do cause violence and disturbance.”

    “Previous guests are thought to have included Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Prince Charles, Peter Mandelson, David Cameron…”

  • If  British tax payers are funding the meeting of these some of the planets’ most awful and gluttonous toads,  then they are entitled to have a copy of the agenda and the full minuets made public.The police, a publicly  funded body also should release the costs of the security so that tax payers can see how much they are charging !

  • angloirishview

    Today 09:01 AM

    Extremely naïve to think that people with power will ever give it up.

  • angloirishview

    Certainly not without a struggle and not until they meet a greater power.  It may seem impossible at this time but I do have good reason to believe they will fail in their plans.

    In the meantime everything they are doing is fitting nicely into the alternate reality that will supersede their designs.

  • I found this list of participants from last years Bilderberg meeting. http://buenobuonogood.wordpres…

    Maybe the Barclay brothers are going this year and that is why the Daily Telegraph is being so coy about it all, as in: “However, the event is most often likened to a political version of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, which draws members of high society to discuss business and the economy.”


    18 minutes ago

    thank you for sharing 😉

    On this Sunday, 2nd June, we’ll have a conference in Barcelona with mr. Daniel Estulin on Bilderberg 2013. If you can, come to Barcelona: http://buenobuonogood.wordpres…


    Each EU country has purchased
    200000 5 x body plastic coffins which are called Coffin Liners. Fema in the USA
    has millions of them.

    Russo explains here;…

    Our wealth and currencies are being deliberately destroyed as part of the NWO
    World Government and World currency agenda.

    Get your wealth, pension and any cash in excess of £85000 out of the EU.

    This is how Carney will bring down the World Economy;

    Everything is rigged;

    Biggest Fraud in History;…

    Lisbon Treaty re-introduces the death penalty. The Rothschild LibLabCon party
    has kept very quiet about this.…

    Every EU country has purchased 200000 x4-5 body plastic coffins. They must
    anticipate killing a lot of us when our currencies are destroyed by the
    Illuminati in 2-4 years time and we suffer the same theft as Cyprus. The UK
    legislation has just been passed so I suspect it is an EU wide policy.…………

    are being sterilized with GM foods and Vaccinations to reduce the world’s

    Agenda 21. You will recognise a lot of this;…




  • excellent comment . spot on .

  • flydlbee

    26 minutes ago

    May I offer some derision and even some name calling?

    I mean, it’s a lovely paranoid rant, and I think the only thing you have left out is the faked Apollo moon-landings.  You say that everything is rigged, but do not say how, or why the huge conspiracy of silence amongst the riggers.

    I’ll leave you to your own world while, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just try to get by in the real one.

  • the real world ? are you kidding or on something ? surely no one can be as naive as you and your comment !
    unfortunately , the moderators will just delete my comment if i wrote the truth but just for the sake of it watch the ripple effect free on google ! and see if you can answer the questions raised about 9/11 and then watch 7/7 ripple effect and do the same of course if there is a shred of decency in you !
    meanwhile  good night josephine !

  • pc249

    I have noticed that you post a lot of information about the ongoing designs of the global elites to bring about a world government.

    There seems to be a changing of attitude towards this kind of information which I think is a good thing.  People seem to be waking up.

    At one time whenever one posted anything of this nature on a DT article the information was met with a chorus of derision and name calling.  That this has now died down is a very good sign I think.

    I do respect your diligence in this regard.

  • Duke2010

    Today 08:53 AM

    I heard Susan Boyle will chairing the meeting this year and each attendee will be given an ipad mini (Not the ipad 4, theres austerity dont you know..)

  • These guys – soft-shoe  shuffling Ken Clarke for example -are broad-bottomed amateurs adrift on the good ship Ego. Serious gents like the Camorra don’t do ” Secret Meeting”  pre-event publicity.

  • libertees

    Today 08:50 AM

    I am so looking forward to my invitation. I love these meetings. I learn so much. Last time I learned that I was even more special than I thought I was. What’s in the next issue of the Illuminate News-letter?

  • If these meetings are always held in secret, they can only surely be good for one small bunch of people:  The Bilderbergers and their colleagues, and flunkies in the US armed forces.

  • Bloggo_ergo_sum

    Today 08:35 AM

    Numero Uno item on the agenda is keeping Britain in the EU — and what Bilderberg wants, Bilderberg gets.

    With Herr Schmidt the Bilderberg facilitator, enforcer and human face (ha-ha!) I expect UKIP to follow child pornography off the Google-grid all of a sudden — 404 file not found.

    A Bonfire of the ‘Kippers will ensue shortly thereafter.

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