Cameron’s Speech – re-run of Wilson’s referendum – Peter Hitchens – from Dave B.


Harold Wilson also promised and then held a referendum in 1975 after some notional return of powers from the then EEC. They were worthless since consecutive governments continued to sign up to treaties etc transferring almost all competences (and you democracy) to foreign authority – what happened to the 1975 line in the sand resulting from the referendum??

Cameron, you can be sure is using Wilson’s model for this promised referendum – not that it is ever likely to take place.

As Peter Hitchen’s in his blog (see below) clarifies that the speech was designed to get Ukip off his back – nothing more. Read full PH comment:

I don’t in fact see here [Cameron’s Speech] an unambiguous commitment to abide by the choice of the people if this vote ever takes place. And experience tells me to read very carefully any promise made by Mr Cameron, whose oiling out of his Lisbon pledge is a text-book example of how it can be done. His dwindling group of supporters write to me sometimes with dense legalsitic, nay, algebraic explanations of why his broken promise wasn’t in fact broken. And they believe what they write, so perhaps he does too.


But there also seems to me to a very strong series of padlocks on the referendum door, which make the pledge worth as much as a gift voucher from a rocky high-street store.


One. The Tories will not win the next election. They are most unlikely even to be the largest single party.

Two. Even if they did win, it is clear that Mr Cameron and his Cabinet colleagues will not campaign for a vote to leave.

Three. There is no reason to believe that this vote, if it takes place, will be conducted any more fairly than it was in 1975, when the official package, delivered to everyone’s door, contained one pamphlet arguing for leaving, and two arguing for staying ( even the BBC couldn’t outdo that for impartiality) .

There may well be many ‘Eurosceptic’ voices in the press, and a few in Parliament (and ‘Euroscepticism’ , as I have pointed out, means criticism of the EU in opposition, acquiescence to it in office),   but no serious newspaper favours withdrawal, I can’t think of any frontbencher in any party who could be relied upon to speak for withdrawal, and the BBC and the educational establishment will add their powerful voices to the ‘Stay in’ camp.


If by any chance Labour decides to match the pledge (the only way in which the vote can be guaranteed, and not impossible) I would expect that it would end with a substantial majority for staying in, and the subject closed for the foreseeable future.


This is why I think this is a risk which Lord Heseltine and the rest are quite prepared to take, in the hope that it will rescue the Tory Party from well-deserved doom at the polls in 2015. They may even rather long for a chance to dish the anti-EU movement for decades to come, by humiliating it as thoroughly as they did in 1975, and their confidence may well be justified.


I do hope that in both cases,  they have underestimated the intelligence of the voters, though one always winces a bit when one expresses this hope.


The only proper or reliable way for this country to leave the EU is for a major political party to pledge unequivocally to leave the EU in its manifesto, for that party to be elected with a working majority and to proceed.  We must continue to ask why a view so strongly supported, both by facts and logic and by large numbers of people, is so poorly represented at Westminster, and why we have political parties which speak for the elite and not for the electors.

I want those I elect to make my laws

dave b


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7 Responses to Cameron’s Speech – re-run of Wilson’s referendum – Peter Hitchens – from Dave B.

  1. Tony Butler says:

    Hi Malc,

    Quite right, we will not have a referendum unless we have one, before, the next election.

    Remember, remember the 1st of November (2014)
    No gunpowder, just Treason and Plot
    When, Britons betrayed will become EU slaves
    Parliament’s Traitors shall not be forgot!

    On the 1st November 2014 the right of Parliament to legislate over us in 43 areas, the important ones, will be removed and be made subject to approval, by majority vote of the lying undemocratic and unelected bastards fronting the EU.
    They call it QMV, Quality Majority Voting, which translates in English to: You’ll do what we tell you, or else.
    Heath – Thatcher – Major – Blair – Brown, are all, by allowing this, acting in High Treason, but as every important Government post is now held by an EU Common Purpose trained thug, waiting to take over from elected local government officials from 1st November 2014, there seems to be little we can do about it.
    Below, is a link to the 43 areas of ‘competence’, areas we British have been declared too incompetent to decide for ourselves.
    Make a note of the last one (43) because it says we cannot leave the EU unless the other members allow it.

    All Cameron, Miliband and Clegg have to do is keep stalling until the next election.
    Take a look at the list and see just how much power they are giving to the EU.

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