CNN Attempts to Counter Scandal Over “Syria Danny” Propaganda – Steve B.

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By Madison Ruppert

Anderson Cooper attempted, and miserably failed, to mitigate the damage from the discovery that one of the poster boys for foreign intervention in Syria was manufacturing complete propaganda for Western consumption.

The video below is the original video exposing “Danny” as a vicious propagandist actively working against the interests of the Syrian people.

This is just more exploitation of the good intentions of people around the world for nefarious ends.

These revelations further damage the credibility of the already highly untrustworthy Syrian rebels, much like the Libyan rebels delegitimized themselves.


Stay weary of the effort to push us into military intervention in Syria and question all sources of information and the “statistics” we are fed by the Western establishment media.

Keep in mind none of this is confirmed, the sources have a political interest in disseminating disinformation and so do those who report the claims made by so-called activists as gospel.

This article originally appeared on End the Lie

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  • For those asking about Marie Colvin.

    The media would never report this: her autopsy revealed she died from a nail to the head. Not shelling. In this video I put up in August–> /watch?v=PIvl0tbbnbo . You can see the army dismantling a bomb wrapped around with nails at 11:03 mark.

    And of course the media would NEVER tell you Marie came into Syria illegally.

    SyriansWorldwide 1 day ago

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  • if you listen to him during the interview, he’s really hamming it up. I mean the least the Saudi/Qatari/Western axis (Enemies of Syria) could do was find a good actor but they couldnt even manage that.

    4exgold 19 hours ago 11

  • @ClipMaster93 It’s hard to find that information on TV they’re too busy talking about the latest celebrity that died or Kardashian bullshit. I got that information from the internet. And the West arming the protesters with guns means what exactly? That doesn’t change the fact that Bashar is a dictator. I like how you put protestors in parentheses, like they aren’t real or something. How fucking brainwashed are you?

    grasd2 1 day ago 4

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  • @skepticaldemocrat you’re an idiot….what part of ” the Syrian Resistance are Foreign Mercenaries ” do you not undertsand

    ShiekYerbooty 38 minutes ago

  • @SyriansWorldwide Of course she came to Syria Ilegaly!

    Syrian fascist ASSad has forbidden all journalists to enter in Syria so his atrocities are recorded nor seen!

    Logic is such a complicated thing for you, huh?

    skepticaldemocrat 1 hour ago

  • Money is everything..

    75050Umair 3 hours ago

  • @grasd2

    you should seek medical assistance now!

    ClipMaster93 3 hours ago

  • @ClipMaster93 Do you wanna make a fucking point or just keep trashing everything I say? It looks like that’s all you can really do, you aren’t informed in the least. Your whole mindset is anyone critical of Bashar should be called every insult the book, you’re the classic example of someone that is brainwashed. Just tell me if you’re Syrian or not, that would totally explain all the stupid shit you’re spouting.

    grasd2 4 hours ago

  • @OnTheLambda

    Man you’re a dumb kike, every juden isnt on TV, but EVERYONE on TV is juden.

    Most evangellicully conservatard christian fucktards in the south, love to worship kikes so do libtards in the PNW and kommifornia whilst this country gets sold down the drain.

    Welcome to the united states of america, better known as Israel V2.0

    ThePunisherNWO 4 hours ago

  • This Danny clown is a joke and a very bad actor

    1foyer1 7 hours ago

  • @ThePunisherNWO Hey dumbass , I happen to be Jewish , but I’m not on TV . How do you figure that ?

    OnTheLambda 9 hours ago

  • Fo’ real? Dayum!

    scullyy 9 hours ago

  • Danny is a traitor to his country

    MegaMau74 10 hours ago

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