David Icke – Truth Warriors and Lions of Humanity

Sunday, 27 November 2011 09:25

A video by Jay4louise


Please circulate far and wide – make an effort, make a difference.

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  • …(.j.)… war on the world and humanity …(.j.)…

    insane killers of the world held in positions of power by the very people they are killing, abusing and deceiving.. without this insanity.. we’d have freedom, peace, best health and sharing.. letting everybody live.. one hundred and twenty years or longer in wonderful productivity.. the psychopaths rather poisons their human hamburgers.. they must die the youngest possible like their tortured chicken in the factories.. before they get wise..

    vastell 12 minutes ago
  • You have them on the run David. Well done

    Jacksonville166 17 minutes ago
  • this vide?

    is headlined at

    davidicke . com/headlines/56652


    A video by Jay4louise

    vastell 38 minutes ago
  • soon forward

    icemon 1 hour ago
  • Excellent! @jay4lousie4 your videos are brilliant!

    TheBigPicture333 1 hour ago
  • Rockefeller has alot of balls, too.

    StuckInTheSky0 8 hours ago

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