Excellent News: Cynicism At All-Time High. Elected Politicians Almost Universally Loathed…

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Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For April 7, 2011

There was an encouraging article in today’s Independent from Steve Richards, ‘This loathing of politicians must end’.

……and there was me waiting for it to properly begin.

A newly elected MP tells him that “the hardest part of the job is coping with disdain of the public”. Other M.P.’s seem to agree.

Well Steve, thanks for that. It is encouraging to know that there are so many that hold a positive reason for no longer voting. They despise the bl**dy lot of ‘em.

The more cynicism and loathing the better, I say.

Maybe one day the penny will drop. Maybe one day the horrible so-and-so’s that covet a soaring parliamentary career will understand why they are hated, see the light and start doing the right thing (for once).

These people drag us into a ‘War On Terror’ without demanding answers to (or even asking) the most obvious and crucial questions. The ‘War On Terror’ is an obvious hoax.

more:- http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=23801

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