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If you cannot open either of these links than just google her name Karen Hudes

She is a whistle blower, a former senior counsel to the World Bank, exposed how the World Bank has been laundering money to criminal organizations …





World Bank Building (OmniThought.org) The levels of corruption in the world’s financial system are so overwhelming that they have caused a bubble in the derivative market totaling quadrillions of dollars. Keep in mind that 1 quadrillion is 1,000 times a trillion. To understand how dire the current financial system is, you need to understand certain basic knowledge of how the fiat monetary system works, such as inflation. You also need to understand who controls the World Bank and what their hidden agendas are.

Ever since the World Bank was established, the banksters (high level bankers who pull the strings of politicians) have been using it to launder trillions of dollars to finance their hidden global agendas. One of those agendas is to force the citizens of the world to accept their fascist one-world government. In the US alone, they have stolen over 15 plus trillion dollars and gotten away with it. This is one of the main reasons why the economy of the US is a mess. However, this situation may change in the very near future due to the fact that the Patriots are taking actions to prevent money laundering.

A lot of western banksters are part of a controlling system known as the New World Order (NWO). This controlling system is run by western secret societies. If you have a hard time believing that secret societies exist, you may want to read this shocking article, because it contains proof that they are real.

No need to be fearful; the positive events are coming, but the negative events will unfold first

The good news is that people are waking up to the fact that there are very small groups of banksters who are planning to destroy our freedom and sovereignty. This mass awakening is causing the Patriots to wake up too. As a result, they are taking actions to stop the NWO from destroying our future.

If the Patriots or Resistance wins the financial war, be prepared for a lot of great changes, an abundance of high paying jobs and world peace. In addition, a lot of great technologies will become available to the public, including “free energy.” Once free energy technologies are made widely available to the public, the cost of living could be reduced by 90 percent, making everything very affordable.

In the beginning of the paradigm shift, some chaotic events will unfold, causing a lot of hardship to people who are not prepared. One of the chaotic events is the collapse of some major banks. We have already seen this happen with a major bank in Europe called MF Global. The major cause of that collapse was the gambling of derivatives.

In this short video, Karen Hudes, a former senior counsel to the World Bank and a lawyer, exposed how the World Bank has been laundering money to criminal organizations throughout the world. As always, use your feelings and intuition to discern the following video in case it contains misleading information.

World Bank: Money Laundering Criminals – Interview with Whistleblower Karen Hudes



This article originally appeared at OmniThought.org.


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