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Lord Cherwell  (Frederick Lindeman) Rothschilds man who guided Churchill 24/7
determined policy and made Churchills decisions.

As the huge mass of the general public slowly wakes up to what crimes the Governments have committed,the people  have increasingly looked to the Internet for real news and have stopped  buying Murdoch newspapers to the point where they now give them away free in Supermarkets.
   Figures for those who bother to vote at all have dropped through the floor, and the BBC  has since the start of WWII increasingly used propaganda and sport as red herrings to manipulate and distract peoples views and dumb them down.
 Hitler’s Germany had a popular magazine targeting the NWO was “Germany Awake” and now Internetbased news ezines are enjoying massive sucess in following suit in similar vein.
After WWII before Churchill was thrown from office a secret operation began, that was as big as the war operation itself.  
 Lord Cherwell and Lord Rothschild’s plan was to change history alter public perceptions attitudes and thinking  and distort reality,    of this was what Hollywood calls “black films or Film Nior”,   and  attitude-changing films such as Brokenback Mountain, a film about normalising  Homosexuality, and Schindler’s List, a film to reinforce wartime  racist stereotyping based on a fictional novel by Thomas Keneally became the norm.
Now known as Social engineering this whole idea was brought up and refined by Churchill’s doctor Lord Moran among others,with Military psychologists to explain that although millions of men were being demobbed from the forces,  homes and jobs were scarce and we needed to import in huge numbers to, “do the jobs our people would not do, insults like this to the men who fought the governments war for it, resulted in a batch of ex-servicemen starting up a pro-UK equal rights organisation called The National Front which saw huge numbers of exserviceman and others queuing round blocks all day in many UK cities to join up, before the government agencies smeared it and wrecked it from inside.
Operation Blackbird was a psychological operational scheme set up initially from Porton Down, Britain’s chemical warfare base, and not to be confused with Operation Blackbird the later crop circle investigation.  The Blackbird is the first bird awake in the morning and the first one to sing to the others that a new dawn is breaking, and folklore has it that the first bird to sing sets the tune for the day.
Because of Britain’s ridiculous policy during WWII that Communist Russia was an ally,  a quick about face had to be put in place for the British people to now understand that “good ‘ole Uncle Jo Stalin” was nothing of the sort and we had to prepare for  nuclear exchanges in what became the Cold War.
I feel I should now speak out about some secret aspects.  
 WWII airfields across the country took on a new lease of life,   the huge secret underground bunker added  to North Weald airfield during WWII, now extended again and intended to be a radio centre for London in the event of an ICBM military conflict and a nuclear control centre with several motorways from London initially to get bigwigs like Winston Churchill away to a secret luxury bunker in Canada, while his people suffered the horrors of his war.
Willingale airfield in Essex was actually enlarged at the end of the war, runways extended to be a mile long, deserted and dilapidated hangars fitted  with shiny new padlocks and reinforced doors full of large boxes and crates from what are now called Pharmaceutical companies and said to hold chemical weapons.    Men in civilian clothes but believed to be military types would constantly drive round the outside,  plans for the old SOE base at RAF Tempisford and only referred to as ” 161″ were for a EW  or early warning site called a “Special Hospital” and the purpose built RAF hospital at Ely Cambs being on a hill, had a mass of listening devices hidden on a concrete reinforced fake hospital water tower.   Propaganda from the News media would say that the US had nuclear weapons at X bases, while in fact they were dummies and the real weapons kept eslewhere.
The agreement for the US to have bases in the UK was for the length of WWII, then extended for the Cold War and now because Churchill signed away Britain to the US banks for the money to fight Hitler who threw out these same banks, to give Germany back to the same bankers, the USA has bases on each of our old colonies and is on British soil in perpetuity.
Among Blackbird’s policies was to single out Whistleblowers for ridicule, reputation destruction, job loss and social exclusion such as MI5 operatives David Shayler and Annie Machon.  Rita Pal the doctor who exposed the Liverpool Care Pathway which was implementing euthanasia in British hospitals on elderly and “useless eaters”, US Ambassador Joseph Wilson who told  the truth about the wars on Iraq, Craig Murray the British ambassador who told of official support by the British Government  of the use of terror and torture tactics, or Michael J Nappe the dentist who exposed the dangers of Mercury in teeth fillings, are among a long list who have suffered for their honesty to the people.
The extinction of whistleblowers has been increasing since Rudolf Hess.  Princess Diana being perhaps the most high profile and  while planning to take her landmine banning campaign to Palestine ensured her death.  Dr David Kelly and several British politicians – Christopher Shale, Hugh Gaitskell, Robin Cook and possibly John Smith were permanently silenced.  Edward Heath asked in 1972 for Enoch Powell the political whistlebower to be killed off for exposing and criticising British immigration policy.  Edward Heath hated him and never spoke to him again.
Mass uncontrolled Immigration posed a bigger threat to British culture and way of life than WWII
and Shared Britain gave way to Multicuralism which was then called Blue Sky Thinking which then became the Big Family.
Dr Andrew Wakefield who exposed government lies over the safety of vaccinations was hounded from office by drug company pressure but now looks more and more that he was correct.
Now that the remit for the police has been changed from serving the public, to servants of the State we may well see more Jean Charles De Menezes type killings.   Changes in rulings about  people who disagree with government policy to be classed as “Domestic terrorists ” puts every single person in the frame, means as the people wake to the lies and crimes of  government lies and crimes, thier agencies cannot be trusted.  
T Stokes London
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