Now Available Inquiring Minds video of Ian R Crane’s Meltdown Tour Pewsey Presentation on DVD – why you should watch and share this DVD.


Ian Crane Meltdown Tour

Pewsey DVD only £3 incl. UK p&p


Five ‘Meltdown’ DVDs

only £10 incl. UK p&p

Check your cart here –

Inquiring Minds DVDs are priced to cover costs, not generate a profit.

The intention being to promote awareness, interests and understanding of the people, issues and organisations of the contemporary alternative thinking movement as far and wide as possible. Please consider buying several to distribute in your local area.

Another reason for studying this presentation by Ian is if you intend going to any of his up and comming talks in the UK or Ireland. Watch the video, familiarise yourself with the range of subject matter taking notes and take these, your friends and your questions to the event. Ian will welcome your interest.

Water Reed Thatch – Huish – Wiltshire

Alan Lewis – Master Thatcher

Thatching is an exacting craft, mastered only after years of training, experience and dedication.

Technique and skill, combined with the finest materials, assure a roof covering of long-lasting beauty

Alan Lewis has spent 30 years developing his craft in Water Reed, Combed Wheat Reed, and Long Straw styles of traditional thatching.

Please review this website and feel free to contact Alan with any questions or concerns you have about your thatching requirements.

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