MP’s Discuss Bilderberg in the House of Commons – Dave B. – “when Clarke gave list of attendee types that he omitted to mention bankers”

MP’s Discuss Bilderberg in the House of Commons

What I found noticeable when Clarke gave list of attendee types that he omitted to mention bankers – do they, in smoke filled rooms, agree such things as lowering interest rates (towards zero as they have done) in order to help transfer people’s savings to banks (as they have done) that would, and should, otherwise have been allowed to go to the wall? .
Clarke may well claim that Bilderberg is a talking shop, but we know that the EEC was first mooted at Bilderberg and it came about the following year. We also see laws being passed in different countries around the world that seem to have a common provenance.
And several Bilderberg attendees have gone on, soon after, to become presidents and prime ministers.
Unfortunately, those in Parliament did not ask the right questions – some because they didn’t want to and others because they didn’t have a sufficient knowledge.
Clarke is master of disinformation, but he did say that there was an agenda that is supposed to be in the public domain – I wonder whether the recordings of the meeting could be made public (if you look at pictures of first meeting in 1954, you will see the banks of tape machines through the windows to a ancillary room).
Also the media should be held to account as to why they do not report the meetings – after all if it’s only a talking shop then they have nothing to hide or fear, have they/
Anyone care to take this up with Ed Balls, Clarke, Osborne etc?
I believe my MP and PM, David Cameron attended Watford to give an address, if anyone has confirmation of this, I might just write him a letter.
Finally, you noticed how Michael Meacher was deliberately made by the cabal of establishment MPs (from both sides) to look foolish and how the whole thing was treated as a huge joke –  what they are really doing with their frivolity is taking the piss out of the general public who pay the bills.


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  • Jononutoob

    Jononutoob 5 days ago

    Britain is so fucked up that their politicians openly laugh and act like children in their parliament. Say what you want about the US but our politicians would never dream of behaving this way in congress.

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  • villaverandwhite

    villaverandwhite 2 days ago

    As far as your politicians are concerned, the US is notoriously conservative.

    What you are seeing here isnt the day to day decision making processes of British government, it is simply questions and answers from MPs from all areas of the country and of different parties.

    Britain may be fucked up – as a citizen I might agree – but unlike the USA, at least the UK doesn’t have a 16 trillion dollar debt to China.

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  • Jononutoob
  • Jononutoob

    Jononutoob 9 hours ago

    You think something in your govt should be changed and you feel like you cant do anything about it, barring revolution. You then say you are not bothered by theatrical shows in parliament. Huh? That is like someone robbing you and you dont get bothered while they talk about doing it. If that is not the definition of being content, I dont know what is. They got you laughing at your own mistreatment, hence my whole point, Americans would never be okay with such theatrics.

  • Jononutoob

    Jononutoob 10 hours ago

    So we both admit our politics are not as democratic as they could be. Now you go down the road of arguing that the US is somehow less democratic. Which could be true but is moot. It doesnt matter how undemocratic your country is, what matters is if you are democratic or not. Kinda like being pregnant. You are never kinda pregnant, you either are or aren’t. Your country is either democratic or it isnt. You are basically arguing over which bad thing is worse, which is non productive.

  • Jononutoob

    Jononutoob 10 hours ago

    So first you say I am making an assumption that the people are content.. You then say there is not much the average joe can do. So from what you have said, it seems Brits want change yet cant or dont do enough to change it. So how the hell can you talk about how undemocratic the US is? You just admitted you would like change but cant create barring beheading dead kings. I will never argue with that my country is undemocratic, I agree with you. But you just admitted yours was also.

  • cliff hanley

    cliff hanley 10 hours ago

    hey, you’re right! and sorry, I was just being a dick anyway :o)

  • Jononutoob

    Jononutoob 10 hours ago

    Reenforce is an actual word, lol. But reinforce is more common and I should have used that spelling.

  • Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson 11 hours ago

    Come on OLDHAM !!! Fuck all better to do here tbh though

  • KiddNemi

    KiddNemi 14 hours ago

    Marcus Ambrose Paul Agius (born 22 July 1946)[2] is a British financier and former Group Chairman of Barclays. He currently serves on the BBC’s new executive board as a senior non-executive director.

    John Olav Kerr, Baron Kerr of Kinlochard GCMG (born 22 February 1942), is a former diplomat, now Deputy Chairman of Scottish Power and an independent (cross-bench) member of the House of Lords.

    My bet is Clark’s replacement will be Agius.

    Who do you think it will be? ^ ^

  • villaverandwhite

    villaverandwhite 19 hours ago

    Furthermore, you missed my point entirely about your national debt.

    You mock the state of British politics, I don’t disagree, but for all the ‘serious’ face of your politics, your still living in the most un-democratic nation in the western world whose government have their faces as far up the arse cracks of the federal reserve bacnkers as they possibly can to tune of nearer 17 trillion actually…

  • villaverandwhite

    villaverandwhite 19 hours ago

    Your assumption is that Brits are content with it.

    Of course we are not and anyone with half a brain cell would know that, but short of starting a revolution and chopping their heads off Marie Antoinette/King Louis style there’s not a lot the average Joe can do.

    Im not the slightest bit bothered by theatrical commons shows, Im more interested in being a fly on the wall of a cabinet meeting where the real shit goes down.

    At least here in the UK we have some semblance of democracy unlike you guys

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