Once again – ‘OUR’ Police or ‘THEIR’ Police? – ‘OUR’ BBC or ‘Their’ BBC?


Brian Gerrish and Louise Collins are joined by Patrick Henningsen for today’s news update, including the thought police visit an ex-special forces man, Ken Clarke and Mandelson team up to promote the EU, an in depth report on the new Demos report on prepaid cards for benefits claimants, and more on the police being run by foreigners.



by hetzer | January 30, 2013 – 11:00pm

Brian, probably inadvertently, mentioned about British Police signing up with an allegiance to the Crown.

Yeah, like the Crown = Monarchy = Traitorous illegitimate, satanic parasites.angry

Anyone swearing any kind of allegiance to that lot needs genuine sectioning.

Allegiance to the Nation is more acceptable.

Yesterday it was discussed about the girl fined for dropping a small piece of litter by

an X4 Thug from a PLC.  Maybe it should have been said that she should have refused to give her name and just walked away. They could only have proceeded to court with a name surely.

by Lilianne | January 30, 2013 – 8:48pm

With regards to the Demos reports on the prepaid cards for benefits claimants.  Does that not  take away one’s right to choice? Also, what about things like gas and electric? How would that come into it? Or, are they considering  deducting an amount from one’s benefits?  Then deciding, under the guise of carbon emmisions and global ‘warming’ that they will only get a certain allowance for heating and fuel use.

This has more than one agenda to it. The amount of people, especially on low incomes, who shop at markets and local stores,; what’s left of them. This then, would kill this trade and also craft stalls in fact anyone who relies on cash, as I am sure these cards would be made for use at only certain supermarkets who will bid for a contract for their use in their shops.

Too many implications here to go into, but it is total control,as one who has lost a job would also loes their car and many other things, many needed to help get to work should they find one. What about bus fares to interveiws?  Buses mostly take correct money; so how would these prepaid cards fall into this. Maybe they are planning on peoople walking to theri interveiws, should they ever get any.

This to me, taking so mnay other things into consideration, is nothing short of the first stages of control and once, the so many, many and more to follow unemployed get used to it; then the pensioners will be nect and then….

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