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Please share what you find

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“I see the nation committing suicide while my educated friends lack any ability to understand the coming tyranny. They mock me for believing 9/11 was an inside job…. Political correctness has turned “men” into girly boys while women take over whole industries. Who the f**k is raising the kids?

Most people are happy slaves. As long their feed trough is full, they don’t care that mankind is  satanically possessed; that the world has been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati (Cabalist Jews and Freemasons) who want us to defy the inherent order of the universe, i.e. obey Lucifer instead of God.

They respond with disbelief and are deaf to the pleas from “truthers.” They are happy slaves. Ultimately, it’s a case of “I’m doing alright Jack.” They have a stake in the “system” and are willing to accept its lies if that is what it takes to be “successful.”

A tiny minority do understand. Their ranks are divided between people who are stable and others who are marginal either psychologically or financially. They are the unhappy slaves. Don Brewer is an example. He writes:

“I am unemployable at 59 with a wonderful resume …Every company I have worked for has gone out of business! I have lived in five states. I am worn out emotionally because the government will never allow us to accumulate wealth. I have lost everything.

“The voters are suffering from a bad case of cognitive dissonance–they don’t even want to hear any bad news. My sister will not “allow” political talk at dinner and watches reality TV instead of the news. “But her vote cancels mine. So, I don’t vote and I quit the pussy GOP. ACORN will steal the election while the GOP establishment continues to torpedo Ron Paul and tea party candidates. The GOP is same as the Demwits except the GOP have better haircuts.

“My college-educated friends insult and mock my intelligence. I never call them names or make fun of them or call them stupid. So, Henry, why do liberals ALWAYS resort to name-calling when challenged on facts. I wonder if liberals are so over-educated that they lack basic reasoning skills.

“These guys are not stupid, but something is wrong with them. It seems that lately, here in America, people would rather line up for the gas ovens than to insult their minority enemies.”

Don, your friends love their servitude.


“C’mon, Man. Come back to the world of the intellectually alive. You’re in the world of the NASCAR fan. And you have much too much intellectual firepower to be wasting your time on these loonie tunes sites. Again, let’s assume that every single word they publish is true. See you in the FEMA camps. I’ll be in the honeymoon suite.”

 “Here’s a thought. Live with it. The alternative is madness. There will always be sites like this Before It’s News to occupy weak mind, but a high school graduate, dare I say a college graduate? I’m sure you’re the only one in their readership.

I asked Don about Tim’s circumstances. Both men were national sales managers who lost their jobs due to off-shoring.  About age 60, their careers are over. The difference is that Tim’s wife has a good job and supports him. He is still a “happy slave.” “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is the key to understanding the world. Its author believed the masses are like Tim:

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