Police ban Bible in Christian café (Blackpool, England)


Lancashire Police have told the owner of a Christian café in Blackpool, England, that he is not allowed to display Bible verses because they breach public order laws. The owner, Jamie Murray, is being defended by The Christian Institute.



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  • im a muslim, i would go that cafe, shake hands with this owner, and love to talk to him, he is a? brother of the Book of God. All muslims respect the Bible, even a muslim dont respect the bible, and a christian dont respect the Quran, they are not true representives, full respect to this brother.

    TheDrfreemason 35 minutes ago
  • Insidiously, these regulations are sure to be applied unevenly. Once violating personal rights becomes possible then it’s a tool for those who find the greatest offense to walk over others. Muslims will not be targets of this should they display Koran verses and, say, Muhammed videos, as they would kick up a fuss (they seem highly practised at it!). It becomes the ‘politically correct’ walking over? the ‘politically incorrect’. Such rules obviously don’t encourage tolerance of others’ beliefs.

    horsie111 2 hours ago
  • This is why private property rights are so important. “Public order” regulations can and are an excuse for government to intrude into people’s lives and private business in all kinds of ways. Government didn’t build this cafe, doesn’t own it, so they can? buzz orf.

    Same principle applies to Hindu, Muslim, atheist, cafes:

    If one finds offense at something held dear by someone else, two things: 1) it’s not your cafe; 2) you’re not forced to go to the cafe and be offended, so go elsewhere.

    horsie111 2 hours ago
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  1. mike says:

    The Bible has been drastically altered so as to be used as an instrument or tool of fear to control the masses of people. The Bible is an Adult Fairy Tale and the is used in a very clever and cunning way starting at early childhood to condition, shape and manipulate the persons way of thinking and belief etc. The Bible is the World’s Biggest Con.

    Religion is why we have so many wars, violence, bloodshed, misery, suffereing and so many repressive and draconian laws mostly based on The Bible.

    The real Truth will be revealed sometime in the future and many many people will be shocked. This event in time will be a major revolution of freedom and happiness or a major break through for all people on this earth for the better of all human kind. It is just a matter of time and the real Truth will be revealed.

    It is very long overdue.

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