Re: [UK-911-Truth] MUST WATCH Christopher Bollyn: Solving 9/11 Videos – Please watch these videos – it’s not your usual ‘conspiracy theory’ rubbish. dave


Please watch these videos – it’s not your usual ‘conspiracy theory’ rubbish.



Subject: Solving 9-11 Videos

Dear Mr. James,

On the Fourth of July, I posted my first three Solving 9-11 videos on YouTube.  These videos each cover one particular aspect of the 9-11 crime. 


They can be viewed via the following links:


I would like to make more videos in the future to spread the message to a larger audience. If you would like to support this effort please send a donation by PayPal to

or if you prefer, send me an email and I will send you my mailing address. 


With many thanks and all the best wishes,


Christopher Bollyn






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