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Published on Feb 19, 2013

10 newspapers from 1915-1938 before the Holocaust even happened.
Here’s some more articles:
Library of Congress…
New York Times…

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  • uberneanderthal

    uberneanderthal 3 days ago

    6 is a sacred number in kabalah. in numerology, all numbers are reduced to one digit through addition, so 6000000 is 6+zeroes = 6.

    the star of david has 6 points. there are 6 days of creation, with the 7th a day of rest. and, of course, the infamous 666. clearly a number of great signifigance to the jewish people.

    I believe they use numerology as a “wink, wink”; a way to communicate with the “chosen” in a kind of code.

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  • Stephen Schpeel

    Stephen Schpeel 1 day ago

    Judaism teaches the jews to always be deceitful never truthful. The jews consider themselves to be failures only when their lies fail to steal all of the money. Not even 80,000 jewish deaths resulted from the second world war.-

    “Power don’t come from a badge or a gun. Power comes from lying. Lying big and gettin’ the whole damn world to play along with you. Once you’ve got everybody agreeing with what they know in their hearts ain’t true, you’ve got ’em by the balls.” — ‘Sin City’ [2005]

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  • g1981c

    g1981c 56 minutes ago

    this is funny stuff – the Jews are such jokers. anyway bro, what camera did you use ? it looks very good.

  • Stephen Schpeel

    Stephen Schpeel 2 hours ago

    Hitler famousy coined the term “Big Lie” to educate the public how the jews mentally imprison people through large-scale conspiritorial frauds. William Pelley in 1939 wrote “45 Questions Most Frequently Asked About Jews” which documented the 8 million “euro-jews” who were moved to America and Palestine throughout the 1930s following the Havaara Agreement between Hitler and the jewish leaders. Gorbachev released Soviet files in 1990 which showed not even 80,000 jewish deaths resulted from WWII.

  • dragnet53

    dragnet53 4 hours ago

    That is why I believe the moon landings were fake because that was their first attempt to fool the world in a large scale.

  • DemonCisco

    DemonCisco 5 hours ago

    I think you better go and learn some true history.

    The Jews were not being exterminated in Russia, the Jewish Bolsheviks had been exterminating peasants and Christians for almost ten years after the Russian revolution, and the Russian revolution was a completely Jewish affair and that is the true reason why Hitler came to power in Germany, simply because the Germans were afraid that the Communist Bolsheviks in Germany would do the same thing that had been done in Russia by the Jewish Bolsheviks

  • DemonCisco

    DemonCisco 5 hours ago

    The Jews, and other nationalities, that were held in the camps did not have any lesser food than any other people in the occupied areas of Europe, and this has been proven by authentic documents that clearly shows what food ration the prisoners got.

    And ones again: The camps were not Extermination camps, they were Extradition camps, the people in the camps were going to get extradited not exterminated, and they were going to be extradited into Russia if the Nazis had won the war. All proven.

  • forlatagate

    forlatagate 11 hours ago

    looks like money and a homeland because they were planning on leaving their original homeland of Rhineland Germany, originally they wanted to move to Ugandan but instead ended up in another part of Africa “Israel”

  • forlatagate

    forlatagate 11 hours ago

    as long as everyone knows no prophet wrote the talmud or kaballah its all good becaus e the last time i read the bible the kingdom will be restored to the 12 tribes of israel,not a religious group of europeans that call them self jews,

  • revisionhistorica

    revisionhistorica 17 hours ago

    The Jews must purge their sins for God to allow them to come back to Palestine and re-found the Kingdom of Israel (Naturei Karta). One interpretation of Talmud and Cabala is that the price is six million Jewish victims. For decades Zionist people tried to convince other Jews that the price was already paid off (that’s what this video and several books expose). However it was after the Holohoax when people actually shallowed the bogus six million figure.

  • Christian Lend

    Christian Lend 21 hours ago

    Your comment tells your ignorance and lack of historical knowledge.Bolshevik jews killed more than 66 million christians IN RUSSIA! Read Alexander Solzhenitsyn for instance.





  • Cumbriansurvivalist!

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