Thanks for that link Andrew about immigration,I heard it on the radio and could hardly believe my ears. – Annette R.S.

Thanks for that link Andrew about immigration,I heard it on the radio and could hardly believe my ears.

Some links for those who haven’t seen them,in particular the Club of Rome and the Committee of 300 which is headed by the Queen ,please forward to your lists in it’s entirety.(no snipping)         —–(England shall rise again
Derek, the information Batten referred to was already out on the net, though by raising the matter in EUroparl he brought the story further into the public domain.  As is often the case the MSM are now simply playing catch-up with their reports!

As to other UK politicians within Bilderberger: The 17 most senior politicians in the Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour parties, including Ken Clarke, Francis Maude, Cameron, William Hague, George Osborne, Nick Clegg, Brown, David and Ed Milliband, Ed Balls, Peter Mandleson are Bilderbergers.  As are Blair (within a year of Blair attending the Bilderberg bash in Greece, he was leading the labour party following sudden death of Bilderberger John Smith), and Ashdown.  Heath was a Bilderberger, as was Doug Hurd, Harold Wilson (even Prince Philip has attended)!

UK attendees 2012

Agius, Marcus GB Chairman, Barclays plc (ex). His wife is Katherine de Rothschild. Her father is Evelyn de Rothschild who was a co-founder of Bilderberg. Agius began his career at the Rothschild associated Lazard bank.

Boles, Nick GB Tory Member of Parliament. He is a member of the influential Notting Hill Set of MPs of which George Osborne is a member. He is a founder of the Policy Exchange think tank which is an important part of the Cameron government. He is openly gay and has an Israeli born partner in a civil union. He is a member of the Henry Jackson Society which advocates force to spread democracy.

Clarke, Kenneth GB Member of Parliament, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of Justice. He is a member of the Tory Reform Group which means he wants to betray the British people as quickly as possible as evidenced by his support for the EU. He is on advisory board to Hedge Funds.

Dudley, Robert GB Group Chief Executive, BP plc. The Bilderbergers are strong in oil and not just banking and war. They have ties to Shell, EXXON, and BP.

Flint, Douglas J. GB Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings plc. HSBC is an old drug running bank better known as Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corp. A former partner in KPMG. Asia Times tells us that the big banks launder 500 billion dollars a year in bribes and that 40% of that money goes to Chinese politicians. He should have extensive contacts with both Chinese politicians and drug cartels.

Kerr, John GB Independent Member, House of Lords and Deputy Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell He was a professional diplomat and ambassador to Russia, the US Pakistan and the EU. He is a director of Rio Tinto, a Rothschild company.

Mandelson, Peter GB Member, House of Lords; Chairman, Global Counsel. Mandelson was a long-time MP for Labour. He represented the interests of the Rothschilds and Israel. He has a reputation as political fixer. His father was advertising manager at the Jewish Chronicle. His mother was well connected in the Labour party in London.

, John GB Editor-in-Chief, The Economist which is owned by the Rothschilds. The Economist 6 months before the war started urged Iraq to attack Iran.

Rachman, Gideon GB Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator, The Financial Times. He writes on American foreign policy, the European Union and globalization. In December 2008, Rachman published a controversial blog post on the Financial Times online entitled, “And now for a world government.”

Voser, Peter GB CEO, Royal Dutch Shell plc. He is Swiss born and a former CFO and not an engineer. He is taking over the St Gallen Forum from Josef Ackerman from Deutsche Bank. The forum gets potential leaders of tomorrow together with today’s leaders. Sounds like brain washing to me. How about a discussion of the Tesla technology the US government has been sitting on for 70 years. It would put the oil companies out of business. Bilderberg has a lot of oil companies represented at their meetings.

Wolf, Martin H GB Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial Times. He is the favorite writer of billionaires all over the world. He is a committed Globalist. As a young man, he worried about the economic conditions of the 1930s that created the war. He should read my essay below giving solutions other than more debts and more spending to solve our current crisis.

[Rory Stewart  attended the Bilderberg conference in June 2011 – ex Foreign Office.]


PS: Further evidence of the intent to commit ‘Genocide’ upon the indigenous population of the UK, by the means of unfettered immigration!

‘Higher levels of immigration over the next 50 years would spare taxpayers from the need to endure much greater austerity, the Government’s fiscal watchdog has said.’

On 13/07/2012 08:13, Derek Hill wrote:
-- Good morning all.

 Gerard Batten MEP has established that  Marcus  Agius (Head of
Barclays Bank-) is on the Steering Committee  of the Bilderberg group
- does it surprise us? Besides this  it appears that George Osborne
has also attended their meeting which must surly tell us a lot It
becomes obvious that our elected government( whether legal or not)
somewhere in the background has a "master" and thus is not governing
as should be but leading us towards World Government through the EU
and UN.

Whilst we know also that Blair and Brown were both invited to
Bilderberg meetings I am wondering if some light can be thrown on
other members of our present government , or for that matter , all
three of the parties.It is being suggested that  the up and coming
Rory Stewart may be involved. Future PM?
Derek Hill.
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