The corporate media, led by the BBC, is a corporate/banking controlled monster – via Rixon Stewart

The corporate media, led by the BBC, is a corporate/banking controlled monster whose very purpose is to lead us not towards TRUTH and FREEDOM but towards LIES and ENSLAVEMENT.

Rixon at  – is currently carrying two articles questioning the BBC’s honesty and fitness for purpose. Rightly so.

One relates to ‘its’ flagship ‘ethics’ programme 10am-11am Sundays “The Big Questions” in an article by Kevin Boyle of No One To Vote For and the other to David Attenborough’s Africa and climate change in an article by Mark Prigg of the Daily Mail yesterday.

The articles are here

BBC1’s ‘Big Questions’ Preventing Honest Debate

and here

BBC Backs Down on Climate Change Claims

I have some personal comments to make on both of these ‘BBC’ programmes. Firstly ‘Africa’ regarding the emotive presentation including the use of music. Apparently the series was four years in the making. Time for minds to wander and focus to be lost and defective decisions made? Certainly someone’s brain wasn’t functioning properly when they released the final version of ‘Sahara’ With a dramatic build up by Attenborough we are asked to imagine just what if any life form could exist in the incredible heat – ah a lizard – video of lizard looking for food and giving up because of the heat. So what then?-  more drama – ANTS! – video of ants looking for food – only just manage to drag a fly back to their nest in the few minutes they can spend in the heat. Very impressive.


But then at the end of the episode we are given an insight into the work of the camera crew and unbelievably there they are in the intense sun that only silver ants can bare (for a few minutes) he in a short sleeved shirt and she in a sleeveless top and shorts. Which moronic cretin/s sanctioned the bullshit and allowed it to be presented for the world to see? Must have taken two I suppose.

Here’s a couple of BIG QUESTIONS

Who produces the BBC’s flagship Sunday morning ethics programme  THE BIG QUESTIONS?

Who produces the BBC’s flagship current affairs  programme NEWSNIGHT?


Answer: The BBC of course!                               WRONG

Both are outsourced – and to the same company MENTORN

By sheer coincidence I was also invited to take part in last Sunday’s programme having been emailed by Mantorn last Monday via the contact form on I of course had the same reservations as covered in the article and cautiously wrote back saying that I assumed that because they had obviously seen the website they must be aware of my critical view of the BBC. I included a scan of a page from J. B. Priestley’s 1941 book (see below) and sadly didn’t hear back from them.


I did get the chance to watch a few minutes of the show and managed to catch a lady in the front row refer to the ‘Illuminati’ families only to be quickly ridiculed and dumped by Schofield with the help of another member of the audience.


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