The Hitler Files – Annette R.S.

From Peter  Lucas
Subject: The Hitler Files
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 18:38:46 +0100

Interesting but read it for yourselves and form your own conclusions. All holocausts and there have been many, are evil and instigated by those such as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Tony Blair, David Cameron and others associated with acts of callousness against the masses. The Jews were persecuted by the Nazi’s who, during the initial period, embraced the majority of German people, but is that purely Churchillian propaganda? Was Hitler alone responsible or, were there mitigating circumstances? The Rothschild’s (Jews) initially bankrolled Hitler’s Germany until his decision to produce his own debt free, interest free currency, which led them to favour Stalin’s Jewish influenced Soviet Union. Even at that stage they (Rothschild’s) could have chosen to back the evacuation of Jewish people from Germany to Madagascar, but declined to do so. People, we are advocating nationalism and putting our own people first, so are we so different from those of Germany in the 1930s/40s? Read on.

Pete Lucas.

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  1. without breaking the oficial secrets act, i can say this short article is absolutely true,
    before retirement i worked for several high ranking members of British aristocrasy, and british intelligence as a translator, ( i speak 8 languages and 3 dialects )
    and i know that churchill was a racist mass murderer, hitler really did not want war at all, but to re unite the German peoples who were often second class citezens in other countries with the border changes, he was a much maligned man and a true hero who fought the jews and had we listened to him we would not be in this economic stranglehold now

  2. Harbinger says:


    You state there were many holocausts and I agree but there was no Jewish holocaust. There was the rounding up of Jews in Germany as political prisoners who had launched a war against Germany ( but there was no ‘whole fire’ (Greek) of the Jews in WW2. It’s myth, a constant propaganda drilled into the minds of the young. A great lie reinforced into the psyche of the Goy by the MSM and Hollywood, both Jewish controlled bastions.

    Before Hitler came into power, the Rothschilds had parasited off of the German people. Hitler put a stop to that. The Rothschilds never bankrolled Germany, for by stating so you imply help. Germany got no help. It suffered greatly after WW1, another Rothschild created mass human sacrifice.

    We in the west have one picture of Hitler and that is the Jewish enforced lie of a very evil man. He was simply a man who loved his country and fellow Germans and wished to take back the lands, illegally taken after WW1. He was the polar opposite of the very evil Stalin, Britain’s ally, already responsible for over 50million deaths before the allied powers climbed into bed with him.

    Lastly, people seriously need to to educate themselves on the massive differences between Nationalism and Internationalism. Nationalism is simply the protection of ones land, people and culture from aliens whereas Internationalism (Communism/Globalism) is the conquest of lands and the destruction of alien peoples and their cultures. Yes, Hitler invaded Poland because they would not allow Hitler access to the Polish corridor, to take back Danzig in East Prussia.

    Much of the story of WW2 is a lie. In fact, the life of the western majority is a lie. People need to wake up and fast. Hitler opposed what’s happening right now to the west and the anglo saxon peoples. He tried to stop it all from happening and the British people, carefully fed lies upon lies by the Jewish media, went to war AGAIN with their German relations, creating another massive cull, to satisfy the elites’ satanic blood lust. This genocide would also herald the mass migration of aliens into the west to further destroy the indigenous and their cultures.

    People in the west will scream blue murder at white apartheid over blacks in South Africa but clap and cheer when it happens to their own people in their own lands. The indoctrination of the western peoples is so high, they are happily leading the way to their own extinction. No other racial group on the planet is like this.

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  4. Pete Lucas says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Harbinger! Unfortunately people have been indoctrinated to believe that both Hitler and Stalin (he deservedly so) are the epitomes of evil and I married them in the same article with Blair and Cameron to emphasise how evil these cretins, together with Haig and most of the Cabinet really are.
    My honest opinion is that politicians today would not be fit to lick Hitler’s boots and hopefully the time will come when all will recognise what a great leader he really was.


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