The reality is often not what we think it is. – Infographics on the distribution of wealth



Published on Nov 20, 2012

Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is often not what we think it is.


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  • 1StraightPath2Islam

    1StraightPath2Islam 53 minutes ago

    You who’ve watched this video, You know that you can’t start a revolution, You know your individual change won’t probably make a difference, Your to poor to make a change, You have no influence in society and your education is not great. But hay, listen, That’s the same position I’m in and the position of most of us, So let’s get together and try to figure out a solution for these issues? What do you say? Grab my hand.

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  • Johnny John

    Johnny John 29 minutes ago


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  • Gr1ff9

    Gr1ff9 1 minute ago

    Inequality makes the world go around.

  • EdenEchoes

    EdenEchoes 1 minute ago

    Actually I think you do need socialism! Giving everyone a basic safety net for when it is needed to survive is not wrong – but yes incentive to competition needs to remain.

  • cr4yv3n

    cr4yv3n 1 minute ago

    That’s american education for you…”omg commies, be afraid!”.

    Nevermind true socialism works FINE in Europe and has worked FINE for over 5 decades until the crisis.

    But…the media is in bed with the rich, and they don’t want a strong government – a strong government can FORCE them to be more equal – they don’t like that.

  • majentafer

    majentafer 4 minutes ago

    Yeah because Obama’s responsible for the past 35 years. Yeah. Okay.

  • ncentera

    ncentera 5 minutes ago

    For what reason? What does a large central govt accomplish that many local or even (dare I say) state govts do better? Are people incapable of choosing against a company that sells a bad product? Large govts take money from those who need it most (middle/low class) and spend it inefficiently on small groups. Reduce the size of the govt and people will have more of their money back to spend it on things that actually create jobs.

  • HuSkOgS

    HuSkOgS 5 minutes ago

    I know facts hurt.

  • icareyoushouldtoo

    icareyoushouldtoo 8 minutes ago

    WRONG – Pay for most Americans has stagnated or decreased for decades. The rising tide of GDP is benefiting about 10% of Americans.

    The 1% pay WAAAY to much in taxes, because they earn WAAAAY too much. The bottom 20% should pay way more in taxes, because their collective wages should be waaay higher.

    Your thinking is totally backwards.

  • aussiegoat5

    aussiegoat5 9 minutes ago

    The French Revolution resulted partially from extreme income equality. Would you stand on the side of King Louis as a loyalist? Would you side with the Tories in the face of an American Revolution?

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