[UK-911-Truth] Money the Greatest Hoax on Earth by Merril M.E. Jenkins Sr.: Ron Paul repeatedly asked Bernanke WHAT IS A DOLLAR which he could not answer! – Alex James

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From: robin

Subject: Money the Greatest Hoax on Earth by Merril M.E. Jenkins Sr.


The stealing seems to be explained very simply by the following book:


Money the Greatest Hoax on Earth by Merril M.E. Jenkins Sr.



I have just found this on a PDF, so have not gone through it yet. When you search this guy you will also see other links on his name to show that he indicted the IRS for fraud.


I think this book should go viral, but I don’t know how to do this. The greatest deceptions are usually right in front of our faces. They are SO CLOSE we cannot see them. We ALL appear to be participating in fraud on a massive scale. Paper money ( not backed by any substance) seems to be linked to suicide.


It seems that a lot of us need to re-educate ourselves about what we live in so this age old scam can come to an end and people can live in peace in the Orbis- what we have commonly called the World. I have also found another website in the US that claims to show many other frauds relating in history. That the Phonecians some 3000 BC were much more clever than people of today. They knew about the continent commonly called North America etc. They were great Seafarers with huge ships. I think that Darwin bloke really scuppered our development, further. State education is likely the problem.


I am beginning to think that the entity of government is a kind of distraction from what is stealing the WEALTH of ALL the PEOPLE. But that government, in terms of those who claim to be part of this entity, as PERSONS, are accomplishes, whether they know it or not.




If you wish to know all there is to know about money, credit, wealth, rent, interest, this is the book for you. If you have the fortitude to finish this book and truly understand it, you will have knowledge that one person in 10 million would have. Even Ron Paul does not know as much about the aforementioned, as Merrill Jenkins discovered.


Find out why no one has ever held a U.S. dollar in their hand! Why Ron Paul has repeatedly asked the question to Bernanke, “What is a dollar” to which Bernanke has NEVER answered that question. Why like Neo, in the movie the Matrix, we are living in a dream world and most of us are unable to communicate truth to one another, on a myriad of subjects. I offer 1 ounce of silver 99% pure to anyone who can tell me they also have never held a dollar and WHY!!


Merrill Jenkins was a true genius and with his desire for true specificity as an inventor that he was, must have, he had the perfect set of traits to discover and then to communicate with clarity the truth about “coin, currency and circulation” that most of us think we know, yet do not know.


The knowledge that can be uncovered from reading this book will be necessary once the U.S. dollar DOES collapse! Read and then join those who have broken loose from the “matrix”. Time to now use those eyes you have not used before.


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This is the text book for anyone who wants to know about “money”.

By  The Tin Man   on November 20, 2012

Format: Unknown Binding

I read this book about 35 years ago while looking for a definitive answer on the subject of money. I had read other essays and booklets and they led me to being interested enough to read this book. After doing so, I realize that money today IS the greatest hoax on earth. We have been duped. I actually HAVE a copy and am looking for my extra copy. I’m considering cutting the binding off one and scanning it so that the world can read this now out of print book. The problem is that currently I can’t find the extra copy to do this with. It is written in very fine print and is not that thick at 244 pages.

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By  Kelli Moench   on February 16, 2014

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

This should be a must read for all who thing they know what economics is all about. The ignorance factor out there is so bad and the media are so blinded by what so called “experts” say that the real truth about what money is eludes them.


The Truth will be such an eye opener, you know something is wrong, but you cant figure out what it is , this book will show you what is the real deal on the mess we are in.




By Merrill M. E. Jenkins, Sr., M.R. (1919–1979)

•Aeonic Monetary Delusion by Merrill Jenkins

•Everything I Have Was TheIR$ by Merrill Jenkins

•Free Money by Merrill Jenkins

•IRS “Indicted” for Fraud and Extortion by Merrill Jenkins

•‘Money:’ The Greatest Hoax on Earth by Merrill Jenkins

•Treadmill to Oblivion (Buy Now, Pay Never) by Merrill Jenkins

•A Treatise on Monetary Reform by Merrill Jenkins


By others

•Credit is Debt is $lavery by Bruce McCarthy

•Money: The Root of all Evil by Barney McCoy

•A Collection of Writings and Briefs by Amos Bruce

•Billions for the Bankers, Debt for the People by Sheldon Emry

•The Bankers’ Conspiracy! by Arthur Kitson

• Death and Taxes by Dave Wilber

•Fool’s Gold is Green by Dave Wilber

•The Official Counterfeiter by Vic Lockman

•The Miracle on Main Street by F. Tupper Saucy

•The Paper Aristocracy by Howard S. Katz



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