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One of the problems that occurs, aside from the collapse of the rule of law and criminalisation of those who resist,  when a small cabal of psychopathic criminals obtain control of a vast gusher of that essential ingredient, the glue, the staple and sustenance of capitalist society – money – is that the criminal mentality swiftly pervades the ethos of its institutions and thereby the general mentality of the society at large.

For anyone who has been living on a desert island for a while and doesn’t know, NPR is a first class example of how it happens. More generally, the FAIR report (below) on NPR’s new boss will be no surprise. However, Richard Gage has properly scorched Democracy Now! With his very rightful insistence that it is time for them to touch the issue of 9/11 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-45rDU_1SQ (1:17 into the Video, Gage makes the point well!!).

I can still remember my own bitter outrage from the late 1980s when I first heard NPR being broadcast directly on publicly funded Australian National Radio. No, not a précis and analysis of NPR broadcasting prepared for local consumption but a direct re-transmission.  Americans refer to a “cat up a tree story” as a metaphor for mundane or inane journalism, so I was ‘amused’ by the irony of discovering one day, on station-hopping to National Radio during this live(?) re-transmission when I heard none other than a literal reporting of the rescue of a cat up a tree – clearly not intended for international transmission – but that’s the nature of irony at its best.

Another problem that occurs in this situation of a “bought” society is that its collective vision, aspiration, motivation and capacity for higher achievements decays to the lowest common denominator –  the bread, beer and circus of mass entertainment and the destructive violence of a society that knows nothing other than the benefits of taking by force what belongs to others or what others have created.



Sep 17 2013

NPR’s New Boss: Financial Industry Lobbyist, GOP Donor, Right-Wing Think Tank Booster

By Peter Hart


Last month NPR CEO Gary Knell left to take a job at National Geographic, making him the latest in a string of CEOs who left after a short stint running the public radio outlet. On September 13, NPR named a new acting president and CEO: board member Paul G. Haaga.

The NPR press release  (9/13/13) states that Haaga’s “accomplished career” included a stint as “chairman of the Investment Company Institute”–the powerful lobbying group of the mutual fund industry. As the Los Angeles Times  (11/29/03) once reported, “Mutual funds have been mostly shielded from the reforms forced on the financial world–thanks in large part to the efforts of the Investment Company Institute.”

NPR also adds that Haaga has ties to right-wing think tanks–he is “a member of the National Council of the American Enterprise Institute” and he sits on “the Board of Overseers of Hoover Institution at Stanford University.”

Paul Haaga

Paul Haaga

Haaga is also a fairly regular contributor to Republican politicians. According to OpenSecrets.org, this year he made a $32,400 donation to the Republican National Committee;  in the previous two years, he made contributions of around $30,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee. He’s also given four-figure checks to a large number of mostly Republican candidates, including  Rep. Paul Ryan, George Allen and Mitch McConnell.

So the new bossfor nowat NPR is a former financial industry lobbyist who is a regular donor to Republican politicians, with ties to two prominent conservative think tanks. When NPR finds a new boss, he’ll continue to be a member of NPR‘s board.

According to right-wing mythology, NPR is a decidedly left-wing media outlet, living off government subsidies and pushing a liberal agenda. That’s not at all true when it comes to what’s on the air–or who’s on the board.


Pasted from <http://www.fair.org/blog/2013/09/17/nprs-new-boss-financial-industry-lobbyist-gop-donor-right-wing-think-tank-booster/>

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