Worth a watch, if you need to know what is going on. Why banking? has ruined our lives. – Dave Bliss



Published on Jan 13, 2013

The British Constitution Group’s 4th Annual Conference 2012 – Justin Walker presents and introduces….’ Bankers, Bradburys And The Carnage On The Western Front ‘. In his recently published article and e-book on the subject, Justin, explains to the conference how this newly rediscovered subject came to light for him, of how the British Government in 1914, started to issue the nations own sovereign currency, through the treasury and, without the crippling and usurious addition of interest. So with this subject being a little known historical fact, of which, will further collapse the reputation of the City of London, then, why not make it our task to get this information out and share this video and related e book etc as far and wide as possible.



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